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BuddhaTeas Chickweed Tea Health Benefits

The uses of natural remedies are as old as civilization itself. For centuries, people have relied on plants to help them deal with health issues from the common cold to cancer, even if they didn’t understand just what they were treating. Natural remedies can come from unexpected places, as well.

This is no more evident than in the case of chickweed tea. For most gardeners, chickweed is a nuisance that can be difficult to deal with due to its ability to grow rampantly if left unchecked even for a day. But the truth of the matter is that chickweed can be used to create a tea filled with health benefits, elevating it from nuisance weed to welcome garden guest. As a result of broad range of uses and benefits that chickweed tea has to offer definitely sets it at the top of the list as one of the most useful herbal remedies to keep on hand.

Body Cleanser

One of the chief benefits that chickweed tea can provide to you comes in the form of weight loss and body cleansing. This tea is a natural diuretic, so drinking it will help you flush fat and waste from your body. This helps not only in losing weight but in better functions of major body systems such as kidneys, urinary tract, and intestines. Used as a ‘spring cleaner’ for your body, removing the effects that a long and inactive cold season may have had on you, the results that you will feel can be profound. It can also be used to treat mild cases of constipation since it also boasts minor laxative properties.

Pain Reliever

Since chickweed tea also has many anti-inflammatory properties to it, it is great to use as a natural pain reliever as well. This makes it beneficial against ailments such as arthritis as well as stiff and sore muscles. The pain relieving abilities of chickweed tea works excellently both internally and externally. One of the great things about this tea is that not only does it help to reduce pain, it also helps by reducing swelling on the affected area as well.

External Uses

There are many external uses that chickweed tea can be used for as well. This herbal remedy has been shown to be effective in treating many skin conditions such as rashes, warts, acne, and bug bites. Its calming properties can also relieve dry, itchy skin. You can even mix it into your conditioners and use it as an excellent way to treat an itchy scalp and dandruff as well!

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